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23 Sep 2017 9:00 AM • Northern Arizona University - Flagstaff
15 Nov 2017 • Phoenix Convention Center - West Building
15 Nov 2017 8:00 AM • Phoenix Convention Center - West Building (Tuesday, November 14 (Exhibit Move-In 11:00 am to 4:00 pm)

Membership Chairperson - Heather Henry (Deer Valley)

The Arizona Health and Physical Education Members have approved a THREE-YEAR Membership for $90, a savings of $15!

Members that are current can upgrade to a THREE-YEAR Membership by logging-in on to the Membership Portal (members.azhpe.org) and pay a $55 fee, still receiving the $15 discount for a limited time.

The THREE-YEAR Membership is available to Professional Members Only.

Please contact Heather (henry@azhpe.org) with questions.

American Heart Association


Monthly Heart Message for April

Our mission is to build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. 


Ticker Tips for You, Fellow Staff, & Family

  • Please check out the weekly handouts focused on walking, sports fitness, family and

    •  mindful movement available online in our Free

  • National Walking Day Toolkit.  

Ticker Tips for You, Fellow Staff, & Family

  1. Artery Station - Crawl through artery walls without touching sides (use tunnels or hoops

    1.  with hoop holders).

  2. FACT: Arteries take blood AWAY from the heart to the body’s muscles and organs.

Ticker Tips for You and Students
  1. Veins Station - Jump Rope for 1-2 minutes to get blood pumping back to the heart

    1.  through the veins. 

  2. FACT: Veins bring blood back TO the heart from the body’s muscles and organs.

  3. The Heart Pump Station - Jog 2 laps around the gym

  4. FACT: The heart is a strong muscle that pumps blood through your body.

  5.  Lung Power Station - Do 50 Jumping Jacks  

  6. FACT: Lungs expand as you inhale and contract as you exhale.

Cholesterol Buster Station - Hula hoop for 1-2 minutes to bust out cholesterol inside blood vessel wall lining. 
FACT: Cholesterol is a sticky substance that lines the heart vessel wall causing heart disease.

    Mission Statement

    Arizona Health & Physical Education provides leadership through continuing professional development and advocacy that ensures effective delivery of evidence-informed school physical education and community based physical activity programs that foster healthy, active, and physically literate youth.

    2016 - 2017 Board of Directors

    President  -  Keri Schoeff (Arizona Department of Health Education/Phoenix)

    President-Elect  -  Lynn Preble (Highland Junior High/Gilbert)

    Past-President  -   Priscilla Iosca (Kyrene School District/Tempe)

    Advocacy Chair  -  Hans van ders Mars (Arizona State University/Mesa)

    Public Relations Chair  -  Toni Chilton (Highland Junior High/Gilbert)

    Marketing Chair  -  Heather Chewning (Sunnyside High School/Tucson)

    Membership Chair  -  Heather Henry (Deer Valley Unified School District/Phoenix)

    Partnership Chair  - Kathy Dean (Summit Academy/Ahwatukee)

    Best Practices Chair  -  Morgan Pardy (Gilbert School District/Gilbert)

    Treasurer  -  Pam Long  (Retired, Mesa School District/Mesa)

    Awards - Vicky Bonavito (Washington School District/Phoenix)

    Future Professionals - Kayla Warren (Northern Arizona University/Flagstaff)

    Adapted Physical Education - Susan Forman (Kyrene Schools/Tempe)

    Executive Director  -  Matt Mixer (Horizon Community Learning Center/Phoenix)

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